Anderean Witchcraft

Traditional Craft and Cunning in the Southern Hemisphere

Welcome to the home page of Anderean Traditional Witchcraft.

My name is Lee Morgan, Traditional Witch, less traditional dichotomy smasher, line blurrer, parent, poet, author, and co-founder of the Anderean Coven. 

The Anderean Coven is a small cluster of Traditional  Witchcraft practitioners operating in Van Diemens Land, Australia. Our tradition is the result of more than one Traditional lineage or Threads, that have weaved themselves together and developed into a third, unique form with its own distinct spirit patrons, here in the Southern Hemisphere. 

For reasons of both our heritage and location we are part of a current of New World Traditional Witchcraft, one that still has its roots in primarily British (but also European witchery and cunning arts); yet embraces the spirit of Place.

This Site

This site exists to provide a link to the work of my group, my books, online writings and blogs produced by our community. 

What is Traditional Witchcraft?

Sometimes known as 'Old Craft' or 'The Crooked Path', Traditional Witchcraft refers to an ecstatic, non-Wiccan, pre-modern, folkloric, form of witchcraft.  The witchcraft traditions of Europe were the remnants of native shamanic practices that resulted in both cunning craft and the sabbatic current. These currents still exist today as a numinous reality that those called to the Art can still access with a hidden key to an unknown door. 

Many more recent figures have also contributed to the modern awareness of Old Craft, under the comparatively new name Traditional Witchcraft. The scholarly work of Carlos Ginzberg exposed the 'shamanic' element of witchcraft history and could be said to be to Traditional Witchcraft what Margaret Murray was to Wicca. There have also been numerous writers who have helped to make the threads of the elder way accessible, or at least known to contemporary society; names such as Robert Cochrane, Joe Wilson, Evan John Jones, Andrew Chumbley, Shani Oates and in America Robin Artisson and Peter Paddon. And here in Australia Rosaleen Norton and Bill Liddell.

For a more detailed description please see my blog:

Our Lady of Roses

'Wild girl in the deep hallways of the Underwood

Dreaming your jet dark and amber coloured visions.

Your voice is in my drum and the reverberations

between beats are the whispers of the dead.

You speak, thick-tongued in the witch-blood 

gift in my veins. 

You draw the long-thread sinew-red and ancient

out through the labrinyth of time,

to help us find our way back.

Mad lady-hare, hedge rider,

your secret gifts are bones and flowers

and the hollow sounding wailing-shell.

You whisper us down the path 

of the old magics,

dropping crumbs like falling stars,

in the forest,

walking flowers up,

crying honey,

lactating dreams...'

-Lee Morgan, 2012


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